Tout Bec Doux

The Complete Cajun Comics of Ken Meaux and Earl Comeaux

The Bec Doux et ses amis series constitutes a rare example of weekly newspaper comics written in Cajun French and dedicated to the self-representation of an often overlooked and stereotyped ethnic minority. Co-written by two Cajun authors, Ken Meaux (art) and Earl Comeaux (text), it was published for the first time in The Kaplan Herald in August 1969 and ran on a weekly basis for over twenty years until July 1992, appearing in other southwestern Louisiana newspapers as well. It depicts, in the style of caricature, daily situations of Cajun life, staging the (mis)adventures and social commentary of the main character, Bec Doux, and his sidekick, Zirable, with regular appearances from a cast of other Cajun protagonists, including Chère (Bec Doux’s overweight and combative wife), Pas Belle (Zirable’s unattractive wife), and their many children.

Bec Doux Comic Strip - sample

Ken Meaux is a resident of Vermilion Parish and attended USL for commercial art. His high school French teacher, Earl Comeaux, and he created the Bec Doux comic strip in 1969 for the Kaplan Herald and self-syndicated from there to a dozen or more Louisiana newspapers. Meaux is also a performance artist and was a television personality for ten years. Professional photography was his mainstay in the early years. No newspaper carries the Bec Doux comic strip any longer.